There is a community that is automatically established when being involved in a franchise. From the employees to the CEO, we are all working together as a team. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness values its relationship between the head office team, to the studio owners, to the instructors. The franchise instructors connect to the community, and help change the lives of many. On the other side of this, we couldn’t do what we do with out the support and hard work of the teams who run the franchise. As an instructor working for the franchise, having the support and a such a wide spread specialty studio, everyone is to benefit from this.

Because we are a franchise, the class types have been set in place that set us apart from all other yoga studios. Yes, we offer the traditional types of yoga but we also offer yoga with a twist. These classes have been proven to help heal injuries, strengthen bodies and minds, helped to heal ailments and many have lost weight and toned up from committing to our studios. This makes it more inspiring to be an instructor with such a successful studio. We love to hear how it has made a positive impact on people. When you work for a trusted brand, you are proud to let people know where you teach, and are always trying to get more people to come in.

There is a network of other teachers banding together to provide a fun supportive environment for all clients and each other. Instructors and other owners help each other when needed. Now that we are expanding to more cities across Canada, we have opportunity to continue our practice or perhaps even continue teaching what we love and for a company we can trust. Instructors also have the benefit of growing with the company, help connect the franchise to new technologies and events. Instructors often help each other out. When there are new job openings, the instructors help each other to connect to the resources they need.

The franchise offers the same class types so, when instructors are trained to be able to teach these classes we are able to teach at any location. This is help for us and studio owners as well. The studios have access to teachers who are familiar with the classes and the heated element. Instructors know what to expect when coming into a new franchise. They are difference but all have the same key components and expectations. We are trained on the same computer programs as well. We are a well rounded team of instructors who know how to teach an effective class and have the background knowledge of how to get people signed in for classes and can do the basic transactions. The best business function when you have a good system set in place.

This particular franchise is a positive business because it helps improve the health of people. It is a good service to the community reaching out to young kids with our Little Yogis programs as well as having divers training to help those in older generations. There is something for everyone. A special studio to be open to all walks of life. The Oxygen Yoga & Fitness franchise is a family of people working together to provide a quality service to our community.