Oxygen Yoga & Fitness CEO Jen Hamilton, with patner and CEO of Goodlife Fitness, David Patchell Evens.

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jen hamiltonMore about Jen and Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

Jen Hamilton has been a dynamic and compelling leader in the fitness industry for over 18 years and was the founder of Cardio-Core Bootcamp, a national fitness franchise company that boasted 59 locations at the time that Jen decided to move on to other endeavors.

When the opportunity to help build the Bootcamp Program at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness was presented to her, she saw the benefits that were inherent in their style; fusing yoga and fitness combined with FAR infrared heat.

It wasn’t long before Jen purchased Oxygen Yoga and began grow it into the Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Brand, opening multiple locations in a short time. Jen’s dynamic and vibrant personality continue to be the driving force behind the brands culture, strength and continued growth. Her innovation and inventive style created the yoga fusion model that has set Oxygen Yoga and Fitness apart as the industry leader it is today. The inclusion of FAR Infrared technology has distinguished us from the typical “hot” yoga studio and is unique to the Oxygen brand.

The Oxygen parent company started in 2008 with the first franchise location opening in March of 2012.  Since then, Oxygen Yoga and Fitness has been steadily expanding and growing. There are currently over 70 locations sold across Canada. Each offering a wide variety and selection of traditional yoga and fitness fusion classes.


Oxygen’s philosophy is based on a foundation of helping people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, using yoga as a starting point. Our members have told us that by incorporating diversified fitness styles with yoga in their practice, they remain stimulated and engaged.  We are not your typical yoga studio.

Jen is dedicated to helping our members make lifestyle changes to achieve better health, wellness and personal growth.  Many new members come to our studios with low confidence and we see them bloom with self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment through their practice. Other members come for rehabilitation, have arthritis, or are recovering from an accident and find relief in the Far Infrared therapeutic environment.  Members often share their success stories of how they have evolved and found their sense of self through their practice.

Jen’s passion is to help her members achieve overall balance and a healthier lifestyle.

“I want to give them a place where they can take an hour to focus mentally, physically, and emotionally only on themselves, this in turn, can help them to relieve stresses in their lives,” she says, while also noting, “It gives people the avenue and the environment to connect with themselves in a profound and life changing way that is so sadly missing in our fast paced lifestyles today.”  When people attend the yoga and fitness fusion sessions, they leave feeling both detoxified and energized.  The studios have created positive changes in many people’s lives through the practice, the mantras, and the overall energy that is the Oxygen Yoga and Fitness culture.

Jen Hamilton truly embodies and is living evidence of the statement “I Love My Life” through everything she does. She is a force to be reckoned with and coupled with her dedication, drive and passion for promoting health and well being in others, the sky is the limit for her achievements.

Awards,  Acheivements & Causes

  • Ernst and Young Nomination for Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008, nominated again 2016
  • Georgia Strait Best of Vancouver Award
  • Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award.
  • In 2008 Jen was featured on CBC’s Fortune Hunters television show as the fastest growing franchise in Canada.
  • RBC Women’s Entrepreneur of the year in Canada – nomination 3 years in a row 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • CFA Franchisee’s Choice Award – winner in this category
  • Sponsorships with the BC Lions, Vancouver Giants and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
  • Oxygen Yoga and Fitness is a regular contributor to many charitable causes and events; most recently the Ridge Meadows Hospital Gala and by participating in the annual Men’s Health Movember event.