Are you thinking of starting a fitness business, in the process of launching one, or in the middle of a rebrand? Then this week’s podcast episode is for you. Jen Hamilton, CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness, shares her secrets for building a successful business with naming tips, class focus advice, franchising tips, and much more. Jen is the CEO of Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. She has been a dynamic and compelling leader in the fitness industry for over 16 years. Jen’s dynamic and vibrant personality continues to be the driving force behind the Oxygen Yoga & Fitness culture, strength, and unprecedented growth. Jen embodies the company mantra: I Love My Life!

You’ll want to take notes as Jen pulls back the curtain and shares when starting a fitness business or rebranding:

Why it’s important to make sure you give yourself the ability to grow

Why it’s crucial that you don’t specialize in just one fitness activity

Why anything in the fitness industry has a shelf life of 7 years (ex. Tae-Bo, step aerobics, etc)

What word you can add to your business name that will make it easier to manage trends as they come and go

Why it’s important to affiliate yourself with many other like-minded businesses

Why customer referral programs are essential to growth

Why it’s important as a business owner not to wear all the hats and know which hat fits you best

Get motivated to build the fitness business of your dreams with Jen’s unforgettable tips

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