Our unique blend of yoga & fitness in FAR Infrared heated studio sets us aparts.
Our franchise program sets the bar.

Take your passion for the fitness industry and turn it into a thriving hot yoga & fitness studio, with a family of over 100 studio owners across our network.

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The OYF State of the art Infrared studio is a game changer. Our heat technology maximizes our member’s workout experience. 
It burns more calories, promotes detoxification, improves flexibility and encourages good circulation. 



2011  | Founded in British Columbia, Canada

2016 | Western Expansion into Alberta and Saskatchewan

2018 | 55 Locations Opened Across Canada including Ontario

2020 | Over 80 Locations SOLD

2022 | Expansion into the US 

2023 | Over 100 Studios SOLD + Expansion into Quebec


Over 100 franchisees have already said YES to an empowering lifestyle

RACHEL | Saskatchewan

Hearing our member success stories and watching our community grow reminds me every day why I started this business.

LINDSAY | Nova Scotia

Oxygen is the best part of my day! I want everyone in my life to experience these classes!


KERRY | Alberta

Being a part of the Oxygen Yoga & Fitness family has allowed me  to achieve my financial goals and has changed my life!

I started going to OYF 2015 with my husband and I fell in love with it. It was a one stop shop, I could yoga, I could do fusion. I could do a deep stretch class, and it was amazing! I was going to visit my kids on the Island and thought Vancouver Island needs this too.

Now I have 4 studios, on Vancouver Island. It has been the most incredible journey. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can do whatever you want!


Master Franchisee 


Find out what we’ve accomplished, what our CEO is up to and how you can become part of the fitness industry.

Creating Your Own Dream Career

Creating Your Own Dream Career

How master franchisees Ash De Cruz and Chelsey Gibson found the dream career they were looking for at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. Oxygen Yoga & Fitness studios are run by franchise owners, which means when you come in for your yoga or fitness classes, you might...

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BCTV Fitness Fridays with Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

BCTV Fitness Fridays with Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

CEO Jen Hamilton loves to talk about the benefits of the FAR Infrared, and how it can boost your health, wellness and fitness workout. She joins BCTV's Fitness Friday lineup with her team, giving fitness tips and showcasing the OYF Studios in the Lower Mainland,...

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*if you don't see a email within 24 hours from us, please make sure you check your spam folder.

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