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Set yourself up for the future with Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

  • The only Yoga & Fitness franchise with FAR Infrared system
  • On-Trend classes
  • Teacher Training program
  • On-boarding, training and support for new franchisees as they grow their new studio


It makes Oxygen Yoga & Fitness unique in the industry.

Our Members not only look better and feel better, but they are supported in all aspects of mind, body and spirit. Our heat technology maximizes our member’s workout experience.  

  • It burns more calories
  • It eliminates toxins
  • it improves flexibility
  • It improves circulation and skin tone


2008 | Founded in British Columbia, Canada

2016 | Western Expansion into Alberta and Saskatchewan

2018 | 55 Locations Opened Across Canada including ONTARIO

2020 | Over 80 Locations SOLD

75 franchisees have already said YES to an empowering lifestyle with Oxyen Yoga & Fitness


Hearing our member success stories and watching our community grow reminds me every day why I started this business.


Oxygen is the best part of my day! I want everyone in my life to experience these classes!


Creating a sense of community amongst like minded individuals has been extremely rewarding.


Being a part of the Oxygen Yoga & Fitness family has allowed me  to achieve my financial goals and has changed my life!

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On This International Women’s Day

On This International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate the women of our industry. The fearless leaders of fitness brands, the franchisees who run their studios,  the instructors who motivate our members,  and the diverse women members who come to class poised and ready to put their health and wellness...

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