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Dreaming of owning your own fitness franchise?

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Oxygen Yoga and Fitness is Canada’s HOTTEST fitness franchise, we’ve helped others just like you realize their dream of owning their own business. If your ready to Love Your Life, we’ve got franchise locations available for you.

Our focus is to guide members through their practice and teach them how to channel their energy in a positive way and allow people to identify how having an active lifestyle promotes health and happiness. This translates into learning to take time for yourself promoting s a sense of fulfillment.

Our business model engages with people and creates positive outlets and opportunities for people to channel their energy to establish healthy and positive results, both physically and mentally.

Using this model creates opportunity for business, as there is always a demand for health and fitness. Fitness is constantly evolving.  It is Oxygen’s responsibility to bring awareness to these changes and offer opportunities while introducing  new programs. The key component to success with this business is continuing to be slightly ahead of the “trend.” Oxygen Yoga and Fitness continues to demonstrate leadership amongst our competitors. We have proven systems that have created a following from members, sports teams, media and strong business affiliates. The Oxygen Yoga and Fitness brand allows for the company to layer and grow with new concepts and trends. These new concepts can be adopted and added to current schedule platform, or can be deleted based on lack of interest when trends change.

For a limited time you can reserve a region without investing the entire franchise fee. 

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