Top 7 Benefits of Owning Your Fitness Franchise with Oxygen Yoga

There are many different reasons why someone considers owning their own fitness franchise business.  Owning your own business has so many perks and benefits from flexibility to independence to being in charge of your own destiny.

These benefits are amazing in and of themselves… and there are even more benefits to running your own Yoga & Fitness Franchise.

  1. Building Community.  I absolutely love that I get to give back to the community by helping to build a nourishing safe haven for people to come and release their day.  They get to meet other like-minded people and build relationships that will last a lifetime.
  2. We meet new friends.  The community, or Sagha, is an integral part of the yoga practice.  I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people, students, teachers and other franchise owners.  Sharing stories with others at the studio is one of my favourite joys.  I learn much and laugh often.
  3. We get to see people grow and change.  Many times when people walk into the studio they are rushed and overwhelmed from their day.  After class we get to see them come out less stressed and anxious, more connected.  Overtime we observe these changes on a bigger scale.  We get to see people become more connect and content in their lives… there is no better gift.
  4. When I’m having a rough day, I always feel better after work. There are days when I am tired or stressed, when I don’t feel like coming into the studio.  However, after just a few minutes at the studio everything starts to change. I get to see my members, my friends. I remember that the studio is serving a bigger purpose, helping others to release stress and find more contentment.  Instantly my problems don’t seem so big and before I know it I am smiling and humming.
  5. Help with new marketing ideas.  Running your own business is a lot of work.  It is rewarding, but you also really have to stay on top of new trends, new marketing ideas ect.  When you are part of a franchise there is help and support with that.  At corporate they watch what is happening in the market and they help studios to adjust, from software to social media to new fitness trends
  6. Support.  As with any business, challenges will come up.  Owning a yoga and fitness franchise connects you with other owners, managers, instructors and corporate. All of these amazing people can help offer suggestions and support when you are faced with a challenge.  Chances are, if you are having  a problem someone else in the franchise has had the same problem and can help with the solution!
  7. We get to go to work to breath.  Simple as that.  At work, I breathe.  I connect with myself and my community.  What job (if you can call it that) could be better?!