Not your typical yoga franchise.

Our FAR INFRARED sets us apart.

  • eliminates toxins
  • burns more calories
  • improves circulation and skin tone
  • reduces stress
  • speeds healing of injuries
  • relieves inflammation and pain
  • improves flexibility

What Our Franchisees Are Saying


Hearing our member success stories and watching our community grow reminds me every day why I started this business.


Oxygen is the best part of my day! I want everyone in my life to experience these classes!


Creating a sense of community amongst like minded individuals has been extremely rewarding.


Being a part of the Oxygen Yoga & Fitness family has allowed me  to achieve my financial goals and has changed my life!


2011 | Founded in British Columbia, Canada

2016 | Western Expansion into Alberta and Saskatchewan

2018 | 55 Locations Opened Across Canada

2019 | Over 70 Locations SOLD

2022 | continued 30% Growth and expansion into USA

Oxygen Yoga & Fitness is a 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2022 Canadian Franchise Association Franchisee’s Choice Award recipient.

The Oxygen Yoga & Fitness  System

On Trend Classes

  • 23 Different Fitness Classes
  • Level 1- 3 supports all levels of members
  • Unique classes like FREEDOM FLOW, POWER CORE and FUSION plus traditional yoga classes like DEEP STRETCH
  • Supportive instructors and member community

Training, Onboarding & Support

  • Find and Negotiate Space
  • Detailed timeline and dedicated timeline coach
  • Construction Team 
  • Individual One on One Operations and Sales Coaching
  • Pre Opening  Digital Marketing support with our partners. 

Teacher Training

  • Internal teacher training program: Yoga Teacher and Fitness Fusion Teacher program
  • Intake, graduation and network of teachers for staffing studios
  • HR support with audition programs delivered by our in-house program

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Levels of Investment




Franchise Fee: $46.5k
Startup Costs:
Target Revenue/Month: $50k
Annual Revenue Generated :

*start up costs range from 275k to 365k



Regional Support & Development + Flagship

Supporting 10-23 Studio Franchisees
Total Revenue Generated for 10 – 23 studios:
$500,000  – $1,150,000 monthly



Territory Support , Development and Sales

# of 1M population regions: 10
Total # of Studios: 100-230
Total Revenue Generated for 100 – 230 studios: $5,000,000  – $11,500,000 monthly

Are you ready to be your own boss?

For a limited time, interested applicants will be able to reserve regions without investing the enture franchise fee.

There are three easy steps to being awarded an Oxygen Yoga & Fitness franchise

  1. Fill out the Inquiry form
  2. Speak with an Oxygen Franchise Team Member
  3.  Participate in a Discovery Phase
  4. Reserve your region

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